Here are some of the book projects we’ve worked on…

The Organized Mom: Simplify Life For You & Baby One Step at a Time by Stacey Crew (published by Simon & Schuster October 2009 – self-help, organization, new moms)  Amazon Bestseller

Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent  by Dr. Troy Hall (published May 2019 – business, leadership)  Amazon Bestseller

Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old  by Dr. Troy Hall (published May 12, 2021 – business, humor)  

Walking in the Light by Theodore Pitsios (available August 10, 2021 – fiction) 

Dragonfly Dreams by Dr. Eleanor McCallie Cooper (available August 30, 2021 – historical fiction, young adult) 

Unsettled Disruption: The Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Innovation by Juana-Catalina Rodriguez (available September 5, 2021 – business, leadership) 

The Other Forest, by Danielle Koehler (available September 10, 2021 – fantasy fiction, middle-grade readers, environmental) #1 New Release on Amazon

Make Someone’s Day: What It Can Do For You & Your Company by Howard Prager (available September 21, 2021 – business, leadership, customer service) 

Hold the Line by Robert Lofthouse (available October 5, 2021 – military biography)  

You Can’t Make This Ship Up: Business Strategies & True Stories From 40 Years at Sea by Paul Rutter (available October 31, 2021 – business, customer service, humor) 

Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle by Stacey Crew (available December 1, 2021 – self-help, organization, health & wellness) 

How I Found Meaning (and Humor) in Widowhood, Firehouses, and Organic Vegetables: 7 Steps to Finding Meaning After Loss  by Marie Scott (available December 1, 2021) – self-help, grief, wellness

Stella and Her Magic Wand, by Grandpa Phil and Stella Russotti (available December 15, 2021) – children’s adventure, Covid 

The Chronicles of Stanley the Pug, by Charles W. Newhall, III (available December 15, 2021) – children’s book, Pug history 

The Essential Rules of Love: A Practical Guide to Creating a Harmonious, Happy & Healthy Relationship by Phil Russotti (available February 14, 2022 – self-help, relationships) 

The Book of Acts from a Layperson’s Perspective by John Mims (available July 2022 – self-help, study guide)

Dare Disturb the Universe: A Memoir of Venture Capital by Charles W. Newhall, III (available May 1, 2022- business, financial, memoir) 

Business Development Begins Here: Your Guide to Achieving Systematic Sales Success by Tom Watkin (available September 2022 – business development, leadership) 

Leading Diversity: The Twelve Competencies of Gifted Strategic Leaders by Peter Linkow (available November 8, 2022 – leadership)  

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