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Being a first-time author is challenging from the start. We have many questions, and it’s hard to know where to begin: How can I get my book reviewed? Should I build a website for my book? Is my work any good? What about marketing?

Stacey Crew was like a trusted friend on this journey, guiding me with strategic advice about my writing and identifying areas that needed improvement. She also walked me through the entire publishing process, including marketing strategy, and final distribution. The distribution piece was pivotal for the successful planning of my book launch. 

I was extremely fortunate to work with Stacey. She is an outstanding expert. Her knowledge, empathy, and communication skills were exactly what I needed. Thank you, Stacey.

– Juana-Catalina Rodriguez, author of Unsettled Disruption, Serial Intra and Entrepreneur, Stanford GSB Executive Coach, Startup Advisor, Purpose-Driven Innovator
Stacey Crew prepared me for a successful book launch with her insightful professional and personal support in my new endeavor as an author. She was the perfect person to support me as I faced the daunting task of entering the publishing world and launching a new book. Stacey coached me through the publishing process, and provided proven strategies for gathering endorsements and building an author-focused social media platform. Stacey’s prep, publish and promote process provided a balanced and strategic way for me to maintain focus on the priorities, beginning with goals and timelines. 
– Dr. Eleanor McCallie Cooper, author of Dragonfly Dreams
Stacey Crew is a gift. As a first-time author, I didn’t have the knowledge of what was needed to successfully publish and launch my book. From the start, Stacey worked with me to establish a solid foundation, including my media kit and website.  I wasn’t as concerned or knowledgeable about that part of publishing, but Stacey knew that those are critical pieces that make a difference in the promotion. She helped me successfully navigate every step of the way towards publishing. I could not have had a better guide. 
– Howard H. Prager, author, Make Someone’s Day: Becoming a Memorable Leader in Work and Life

Stacey Crew has supported me through two book projects, including book development, marketing strategy, and advisement through the publishing process. She is outstanding. Stacey has the understanding & knowledge of the publishing process to get your books to the public from writing development to final distribution. Her organizational and communication skills are exactly what this busy guy needed. I’m getting ready to write another book – there’s no question who I’m going to call.

– Dr. Troy Hall, Author of Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent & Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons that Never Grow Old, Radio Show Host, Global Speaker, Talent Retention Strategist

Stacey has been exceptional at helping me see both the micro and macro perspectives of my business and marketing goals. Her approach has been instrumental in helping me to take small actionable steps that bring me closer to achieving my goals. Her marketing knowledge & coaching skills have helped me to stay aligned with my “why” in each step of the process. She’s able to dive in and assist with the nitty-gritty or talk me through the process of taking actionable DIY steps. If you are looking for someone to help you deliver your marketing message with purpose and clarity, look no further than Ease Communications.

Heather Powers, Creatively Organized Spaces

It isn’t often when expectations are met and exceeded on an ongoing basis. This is what we get from Stacey week after week. Her strategies and communication are second to none. Stacey would be an asset to any organization.

– Brian Buzon, Co-founder, Escalon Payroll Solutions
I engaged Stacey shortly after opening my first franchise to help develop and then implement our social media marketing strategy. Stacey was incredibly helpful, educating us on the nuances of building a social media strategy. Stacey worked closely with me and my team on content and brought order to our presence (she was not afraid to give us hard deadlines to ensure that ultimately there was a clear online presence). I feel very comfortable recommending Stacey.
Jeremy Bollington, Mount Pleasant Franchiser Broker & Owner

Stacey is an absolute expert when it comes to social media communications. In a few, effective words, she was able to help me make sense of the importance of Instagram for my photography business. In a few minutes, she immediately identified weaknesses and areas that needed improvement. At the same time, she was kind, tactful, and very calm. Her demeanor makes it very easy to work with her and her knowledge of digital marketing is immediately apparent. I highly recommend Stacey.

Paolo Ciccone, Photographer, owner of DreamLight Images