The Importance of Why

Over the past six months, Simon Sinek’s Start with Why talk has come up in conversation a few times. The first time I listened to his talk I instantly became a fan of Sinek’s, specifically when he said “people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” I’ll tell you more in a few seconds…

Recently, I was listening to a podcast called The Good Life. The guest was Andrew Forsthoefel. Interestingly, I quickly became a fan of his after listening to him for only an hour. I asked myself “why?” and quickly realized it was because of Andrew’s “Why.” Not what he did, but WHY he did it. You can listen to the inspiring podcast here: Walking to Listen, a 4,000 Mile Odyssey.  

So in marketing terms what this means is that in order to get someone on board with what you’re doing, your Why is pretty important! In fact, focusing on your Why versus your what could be a game changer.

To add to this, last week I met a woman at an event. Her name is Ali and she is the founder of a quickly-growing mission called Abundant Broth. She makes bone broth soup, which isn’t all that unusual today. It’s still not mainstream, but it’s a lot more well known than it was even just six months ago.

What what got me truly interested in what Ali is “doing,” is her Why. Through conversation, we zig-zagged through various topics on health, wellness, and the benefits of bone broth, but it wasn’t until she told me that she started making bone broth for sick children with feeding tubes that I recognized she was on a mission. Suddenly there was more meaning in what she was doing! Not only was she providing something healthy, but she’s providing it to kids who are really in need of nourishment that may not be found through mainstream options. Turns out that Ali doesn’t have big aspirations for growing this business. Why? Because she wants to stay focused on her Why—her mission—which brings her a lot of satisfaction and it’s the reason she started “doing” what she’s doing.

There are so many entrepreneurs who are on great missions that I feel it’s truly my mission to help them get their message out into the world. Because without marketing, only a handful of people would know about these super stars before they may have to go back to corporate to earn a living. 🙁 

Everyone has something important to share, everyone has a Why. Of course, not everyone decides to formulate a Why into a business and that’s absolutely okay, but if they do choose to move in the direction of creating a business, I want to help them—and that’s my Why!

So I encourage you to explore your Why, especially if you’re in business for yourself. What gets you out of bed every morning and what is it about what you do that resonates with other people? This is your Why. And if what you’re currently doing doesn’t fully inspire you and make your heart sing, maybe you’re in the wrong business.

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