“It isn’t often when expectations are met and exceeded on an ongoing basis. This is what we get from Stacey week after week. Stacey handles the social media campaign for Escalon Payroll Solutions. Her ideas and communication are second to none. Stacey would be an asset to any organization looking for someone to handle their social media.” – Brian Buzon, Co-founder, Escalon Payroll Solutions

“I engaged Stacey shortly after opening my first Waxing the City location in Mount Pleasant, to help develop and then implement our social media strategy. While the franchisor provides strong support, there is also a need to develop a local social media presence. Stacey was incredibly helpful, educating us on the nuances of building a social media profile, particularly for Instagram, where we only had a nascent presence. Stacey worked closely with me and my team on content, and brought order to our posting (she was not afraid to give us hard deadlines to ensure that ultimately there was a regular series of posts). I feel very comfortable in recommending Stacey’s services, particularly if you are seeking to establish a social media presence for a brand new to a market.” – Jeremy Bollington, Mount Pleasant Franchiser Owner, Waxing the City

More coming soon.