Here’s how we can help…

First, set up a 30-minute call to discuss YOUR needs. At that time, we can determine & recommend the best course of action for your book project, which always includes Consulting & Advisement, and a combination of the other services listed below.   

Consulting & Advisement

As an author, there are some key strategies you’ll want to adopt to bring awareness to you and your book. It’s a customized and personal process that we tailor to your specific needs—a proven formula that will have you established as an expert on your topic.  

You’ll be provided with consulting & advisement for the duration of the project—typically four months—which includes one-hour calls every other week and an email in between.     

Website & Social Media – Your Online Presence 

Prior to publishing your book, it’s essential to have the right elements in place for impactful marketing & promotion. We ensure that your brand is established if needed, and your website & social media platforms consistently represent your brand. We also advise building an editorial calendar to promote your book in the media – social and traditional. 

Book Endorsements & Reviews

We will manage the endorsement outreach process, including submitting those endorsements to the publisher for inclusion on the cover, inside of the book, and on your website and social media.  

Launch Strategy

What good is a published book without getting it into the hands of readers. We have a proven Launch Strategy that will spread the word and get you the reach you need to have a bestselling book. 

Awards & Reviews Advisement

Strategy & advisement on submitting your book for awards and obtaining reviews, including programs, submission requirements, and strategies for promoting these accolades.  

Media Advisement

We are not your publicist, however, we can prepare you for what’s ahead and introduce you to a number of seasoned book publicists who can pitch your book to national media outlets and online sources. 


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