Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Stacey Crew. I’ve been in and around the marketing communications field for more than 20 years when marketing was marketing and there was no digital aspect to it. Back then, it was a little slow-paced and tedious, in terms of the creation and distribution of communications materials, but we managed.

The advent of social media, however, has greatly simplified the dissemination of information and provides opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers through a variety of channels. The only problem is that unless you’re involved on a regular basis it can be confusing and cumbersome to determine HOW to find your customers, WHERE to focus your attention, WHAT to post and WHEN to post it!

As someone who has followed the trends and adapted to the changes in how we communicate with our potential clients, I understand your confusion and frustration when it comes to having to address this important business issue.

That’s why I’ve simplified the process of creating simple digital marketing strategies and provide the consistency needed in order to communicate with your prospects – now and until they are ready to buy your product or service.

I provide a variety of marketing communications services, including creating and managing a social media presence, content creation, marketing collateral, WordPress site design & development, editorial calendars, and more. Let’s get started. First step is a free 15-minute consultation to determine if Ease is what you need. Contact me today!


Ease Communications was the Social Media Producer for the Charleston AMA 2018 Annual Spark! Awards. For more information about Stacey, visit her LinkedIn profile.